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The 2016 Presidential Candidate List Just Keeps Growing! FEC list UPDATE 12-24-15


It seems that despite the fact that only a few of the Presidential candidates and political parties receive media coverage, there are people willing and persistent enough to throw their hat into the political ring and begin a campaign for the office of President of the United States of America.

As of Dec 24, 2015 there are many different political party’s listed and 1,452 registered presidential candidates registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), representing approximately 64 political parties.

It almost seems that running for office of the president is becoming a status symbol and many of these candidates are not serious contenders, considering the fact that the only parties who have a chance are Republican, Democratic and Independent parties. In my opinion many of these candidates just want bragging rights to say they ran for president, because It would take a proverbial miracle for any of these odd ball or off the wall parties to even have a chance, let alone have coverage of their campaign.

Again in my opinion to have this many candidates and only a select few who are held in the public view for consideration is a travesty. We should be more informed on who is running so we can make legitimate informed decisions on the most important office in America. This is an issue we should perhaps take a look at in the future instead of making a mockery of the race for the White-house.

Below is a list of the various 2016 Presidential Candidates Political Party affiliations listed in the FEC for registered candidates.

this is the link to the FEC: http://www.fec.gov/press/resources/2016presidential_form2nm.shtml


A99 Party

ACE Party

Alaskan Independent Party

AME Party

American Independent Conservative

American Independent Party

American Party

American Peoples Freedom Party

Commandments Party

Communist Party

Conservative Party

Constitutional Party

D.C. Statehood Green Party

DBP Party

DRP Party

Democratic Farm Labor Party

Democratic Party

DOG Party

Federalist Party

Freedom Party

FSP Party

GAD Party

Green Party

HEL Party

HOL Party

HSA Party

Human Rights Party

I Party

Independence Party

Independent American Party

Independent Party

IR Party

Jewish/Christian National Party

La Raza Unida

Liberal Party

Libertarian Party

LP Party

ME Party

MLG Party

N/A Party

Natural Law Party

NBC Party

No Party Affiliation

None Party

Non-Partisan Party

One Earth Party

Other Party

PFD Party

Peace and Freedom Party

People over Politics

Probation Party

Progressive Party

Raza Unida Party

Reform Party

Republican Party

Right To Life Party

SIL Party

Socialist Party

Taxpayers Party

U.S. Taxpayers Party

Unaffiliated Party

United Party

Unknown Party

USM Party

Veterans Party

VOL Party

WA Party

WPP Party

Write-in Party

WTP Party






Updated: December 28, 2015 — 12:00 pm