Election Results

President – Gary Harper

Vice President – Jeff Bell

Recording Secretary – Felix Ibarra

Secretary Treasurer – Chris Raasch

Sentinel – Harry Philbrook

Trustees – Barron Chriswell , Greg McDonald , Ray Taylor


All Union Members, Family, Fans and Friends: Join us at the Pepsi Center – – on Sunday March 17th, 2019 – in Denver at 1:00 PM – to watch the Colorado Avalanche “whip-up” on the New Jersey Devils! 🙂


Go Avalanche!

Nominations for Officers was held Saturday January 12th Here are the results

The nominations of officers on Saturday January 12th was practically uneventful and resulted in unopposed nominations for the position of President, Secretary Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Sentinel, therefore a motion to move for a white ballot on all unopposed positions was placed and seconded, rendering voting unnecessary for those unopposed positions.

President: Garry Harper,

Secretary Treasurer: Chris Raasch,

Recording Secretary: Felix Ibarra

Sentinel: Harry Philbrook

The positions of Vice President and Trustees have candidates competing for those positions. Voting will be conducted at the next union meeting February 9th, 2019 at 5621 Bowen Ct, Commerce City CO, 80022 between the hours of: 8 am and 4 pm.

Vice President Candidates: – Voting for one

Jeff Bell

Wes VanNorton

Trustee Candidates: – Voting for Three

Sarah Boyett

Burt Charon

Barron Chriswell

Greg McDonald

Ray Taylor

Winner of 2018 Harley Announced Live on Facebook

The winner of the Harley Motorcycle Raffle was shown live on Western Territory’s Facebook Page, scroll down to video =   click here for link to Facebook page

 The winner is Tony Davis or Daubs (name not legible)  from District Lodge 183 -=-   Photo of winning ticket click here

Boeing Union Members Need Assistance

On Friday, December 7, 2018, Allen Gary, GVP <gallen@iamaw.org> wrote:

Sisters and Brothers,

 I am reaching out to ask you for help – this is an urgent call for unity!

 As you know earlier this year we successfully organized the flight line at the Boeing South Carolina facility. Predictably Boeing immediately frustrated the will of the people and a democratic vote conducted by the Federal Government by filing frivolous objections!  

 Now just weeks before Christmas Boeing fired six (6) of your most staunch supporters. We have filed Unfair Labor Practices and our Legal Team feels confident they will be vindicated.

 The innocent victims of this Union Busting company are these families fighting for a better way of life – It’s a shameful indictment of this corporation.  

 I am asking that we rally behind these brave families and show them and the world what it means when you become part of the Fighting Machinists Family. The way we can do this is by all of us  donating financially to this fight. I have asked every full time Representative in the Western Territory to donate at least $50.00 to the cause. This is a link to a go fund me account that has been set up for this:   GoFundMe account

I ask you to do what you can in the spirit of IAM Unity – this is all or fight!

 Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your families!


Gary R. Allen

General Vice President

IAM Western Territory

Communicator Position Upcoming Opening

Communicator Position Upcoming Opening

Do you have a desire to be active in your union? Do you have computer skills? Do you work with photo, video or graphics software? Do you have internet web experience? If you do not have any or some of these skills would you like to learn them?  Would you like to learn how to build and maintain a website and work with the executive board members to keep members informed and educated on union issues? If so you are a good candidate for our local lodge 47 Communicator/Educator position.

This position is somewhat demanding and may require technical training through the IAM at the William W Winpisinger Technical Training facility in Maryland in order to familiarize the person who fills the position with the basics of web development and communicator responsibilities for the IAM.

You must be willing to attend most union meetings, as well as, union and political activities as required. You may be required to publish a monthly or bimonthly digital news letter.  After successful completion of training you can easily do web work at home via your own computer or utilize the lodge computer at our lodge in Commerce City.

Communicator/Educator shall be appointed by the local lodge president and in accordance with official directives, policies, and programs of the Grand Lodge. He/She will use the latest forms of information technology to communicate with and educate on all issues affecting workers and their families of the local lodge membership.

If selected you will work with the current Communicator who will assist you to become familiar with the lodge website and provide some basic information to help make the transition easily into the position and any other training will be provided through proper channels and at the consent of the executive board and members according to proper procedures and the availability of classes for the specific training needed.

For more information email your interest to lodge  president Gary Harper in the contact section.

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