Hi my name is Izzy I’m the new Communicator

I’m happy to have been selected as the new communicator for Local 47, I hope I can do as well as the previous one. I have alot to learn I will be attending Communicator and Web classes in the future and hope to improve my skills. Please bare with me during this transitional period.

Isabel Salazar

New Communicator Assigned

Hello everyone, My name is John Keisler and I am currently the acting Communicator for Local 47, it is my pleasure to announce that Local 47 will have a new Communicator coming on board effective March 1st, 2019.

Her name is Izabel Salazar and she has volunteered to take on the task of Webmaster/Communicator for our Lodge.

I will be assisting her in the transition and basically watch from the sidelines until she is confident enough to fully assume duties and responsibilities associated with this position.

I would like to thank our Lodge President Garry Harper for initially choosing me for this position back in 2006/2007 time frame. It has been educational, exciting, fun and challenging, but there comes a time when we need step aside and let the younger members take the reigns and responsibility of our work and update our overall appearance to our members.

Please take a moment to congratulate and encourage Izabel on her new assignment.

Sincerely and in Solidarity.

John Keisler,

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