Nomination of Officers Update

The regular meeting was held Saturday November 13, 2021 and the floor was open to nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Sentential and Trustees. There were no opposition nominations, therefore a vote to reinstate existing officers “white paper” was held and all officers will remain at their positions for the next term.

We thank all members for their attendance and show of confidence.

Guide Dog Sporting Clays Shoot

The Guide Dog Shoot was held on Saturday October 30th we had around 25 people that showed up, with about 15 participants.  The day was pleasant and everyone had a great time.

Here are the Winners of the two Cabela’s $500 gift cards:

Mike Brindley and Alex Duzhansky, both work at Stolle Machinery.

Congratulations to both.

Through the ticket sales and the sporting clays shoot we were able to achieve $1750 for Guide Dogs of America.

We thank everyone who came out, supported and helped with this event.