UFCW members at King Soopers on strike

As you know, UFCW members at King Soopers are going on strike starting today at 5:00 am for better pay, benefits and job safety. Here is some info to help you and our members get involved.

First, honor the picket line and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same. Choose to shop elsewhere. (Safeway, Whole Foods, ETC.).

Second, join a picket – UFCW members will picketing at all the Denver Metro Area stores and are aiming for 24/7 coverage. So far the strike is only in the Denver Metro Area stores.

Here is a map put together by the Denver Post. 

Third, show your support on social media. You should post support for these workers on social media and tag @UFCW_7 @AFLCIOCO and the accounts of King Soopers: @Kroger @MyKingSoopers @KingSoopersJobs @KingSoopersNews.

Fourth, grab a supportive yard sign. They are available at UFCW Local 7, and IBEW 68. If you’d like some at your hall, let me know and I can ask UFCW to drop some off. If you have a good location for a supportive banner, also let me know. 

Finally, sign this petition in support of striking grocery workers.

Go here for updates UFCW will be updating periodically.

Fire devastation in Boulder

Brothers and Sisters

We have watched in horror as fires ripped through Boulder County, knowing that hundreds of our fellow Coloradans, are likely impacted. Our hearts are with all of you and those communities affected. If you have been evacuated, lost your home, or do not know yet, please know that your local 47 is here to help. Brothers and Sisters you are not alone, reach out to us as we are here to help. Please use the email address below and let us know how you or your family has been impacted.

You can contact us at communicator@iawamlocal47.org

In addition this IAM Relief fund page is were members can connect or make donations or apply for additional disaster relief through the

IAM Western Territory Relief Fund