We Salute all Veterans, First Responders, Police, Firemen & Firewomen, Homeland Security and Border Patrol Members

We salute all veterans on this day and thank them for their service to our country!

We also salute all other personnel who serve to keep our cities safe those First Responders, Police, Fire response personnel, Homeland Security and Boarder Patrol personnel!  In this day and age these members play as much a part of keeping our country safe as us veterans. 

We have watched were almost daily you hear of a shooting somewhere like schools, activities, events, churches where people are just living their lives not expecting any harm, yet out of nowhere something bad happens. We see fires that destroy lives, homes and dreams, our country is being besieged by other people wanting the “American Dream” and we dont have answers for most of these events, so as we Celebrate our Veterans, think also of those who also put their lives on the line and pray that our elected officials can find by-partisan  legitimate, sustainable solutions to these issues. God help and bless America.

IAM November Local Election Information and Endorsements

Colorado Machinist Council Election Information

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