Updated Membership Cards

We have created an updated membership card for all members that we have records for and they will be handed out to our members soon.

If you have not updated your address please send an email with your updated information to communincator@iamawlocal47.org  or secretarytreasurer@iamawlocal47.org and  we will correct it.

You can also access the members only section icon by registering to this website under Registration icon.  You do not need your membership number to register, we will look it up and insert it for you. If you have only been a member for a few months we may not have one for you yet, but we will work to get you officially registered.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the appropriate officer listed in the contact page of this website. Just click on the email address and send your questions/comments.

Thank You.


Updated Membership Card Click on picture to view card


Nomination of Officers Update

The regular meeting was held Saturday November 13, 2021 and the floor was open to nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Sentential and Trustees. There were no opposition nominations, therefore a vote to reinstate existing officers “white paper” was held and all officers will remain at their positions for the next term.

We thank all members for their attendance and show of confidence.