Updated Membership Cards

We have created an updated membership card for all members that we have records for and they will be handed out to our members soon.

If you have not updated your address please send an email with your updated information to communincator@iamawlocal47.org  or secretarytreasurer@iamawlocal47.org and  we will correct it.

You can also access the members only section icon by registering to this website under Registration icon.  You do not need your membership number to register, we will look it up and insert it for you. If you have only been a member for a few months we may not have one for you yet, but we will work to get you officially registered.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the appropriate officer listed in the contact page of this website. Just click on the email address and send your questions/comments.

Thank You.


Updated Membership Card Click on picture to view card


Nomination of Officers Update

The regular meeting was held Saturday November 13, 2021 and the floor was open to nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Sentential and Trustees. There were no opposition nominations, therefore a vote to reinstate existing officers “white paper” was held and all officers will remain at their positions for the next term.

We thank all members for their attendance and show of confidence.

Guide Dog Sporting Clays Shoot

The Guide Dog Shoot was held on Saturday October 30th we had around 25 people that showed up, with about 15 participants.  The day was pleasant and everyone had a great time.

Here are the Winners of the two Cabela’s $500 gift cards:

Mike Brindley and Alex Duzhansky, both work at Stolle Machinery.

Congratulations to both.

Through the ticket sales and the sporting clays shoot we were able to achieve $1750 for Guide Dogs of America.

We thank everyone who came out, supported and helped with this event.

Negotiations Finalized


A Message from our Grand Lodge Special Representative Steven Van Wie: 

Negotiations have concluded as of this afternoon. Overall, everything went very well. The negotiations committee was able to secure increases in a majority of your bargaining priorities. This tentative offer has the negotiating committees full recommendation for acceptance. We will be working to get the tentative agreements out for your review. Those will be distributed on Tuesday. The ratification vote is scheduled for this Thursday, Sep 23




Guide Dogs of America: The Work that we do and the Great Outcomes that Follow

Founded nearly 7 decades ago by our own member Joseph Jones Jr., Guide Dogs of America (GDA) was created due to his personal experience where he found himself entering his old age and losing his eyesight. He would ask his fellow siblings at the Executive Council of IAMAW for assistance in receiving a seeing eye dog. The Council discovered a growing need for service dogs, that would help the blind and visually impaired. The decision was made to assist Brother Jones and help him open International Guiding Eyes in 1948. As the decades passed eventually International Guiding Eyes would evolve into Guide Dogs of America, with the intent of better communicating their mission. Even in their most recent history they have merged with Tender Loving Canines (TLC), an organisation dedicated to help Veterans to receive service dogs designed to meet their wide range of needs. 


Through our extensive and continued work with GDA. IAMAW is proud to host fundraisers in order to gather donations to help maintain the varying and plentiful services GDA provides. Services like training, transportation, and specialized skills and equipment. During events like our 5th Annual Colorado Machinist Golf Tournament Benefiting Guide Dogs of America and Tender Loving Canines we are able to continue providing the funds required. Events like this help individuals like Anne and her dog, Haven, who attended last Friday’s event. In Anne’s search for a quality and specialized experience she was able to work with the GDA and was soon grateful for the small student to trainer ratio and the well trained dogs that fully embody their roles as service animals. Anne can be quoted calling Haven her own safe haven. Once you get to know the pair you can truly understand the fantastic efforts that are made by all parties involved to guarantee a simpler and stress free life for both person and animal. 


For years to come IAMAW is excited to continue and progress all efforts in supporting the GDA and TLC. Without the tireless efforts of organizations like these we would not be able to see a world where our fellow humans would know peace and simple living. 


A Change in Leadership

Local Lodge 47 is excited to announce our brand new Grand Lodge Special Representative, Steve Van Wie. He will be primarily located in Colorado and is excited to represent Local 47. For his contant information please refer to the PDF attachement located below.