New Communicator Assigned

Hello everyone, My name is John Keisler and I am currently the acting Communicator for Local 47, it is my pleasure to announce that Local 47 will have a new Communicator coming on board effective March 1st, 2019.

Her name is Izabel Salazar and she has volunteered to take on the task of Webmaster/Communicator for our Lodge.

I will be assisting her in the transition and basically watch from the sidelines until she is confident enough to fully assume duties and responsibilities associated with this position.

I would like to thank our Lodge President Garry Harper for initially choosing me for this position back in 2006/2007 time frame. It has been educational, exciting, fun and challenging, but there comes a time when we need step aside and let the younger members take the reigns and responsibility of our work and update our overall appearance to our members.

Please take a moment to congratulate and encourage Izabel on her new assignment.

Sincerely and in Solidarity.

John Keisler,