Stolle Machinery news

Hello fellow Stolle Machinery union members. Stolle management and the EDT (employee development team) are currently working on an “Apprentice program” and a “Training advancement matrix” in an effort to improve “production quality, job training and the overall job review and advancement program” some areas are already in place and awaiting approval and implementation from management.

This is a positive direction that will improve employee and management interaction and overall morale of employees.

As you know we are in a contract year that will require negotiations between Stolle and our Local it is imperative that we present ourselves as the professionals, quality oriented and enthusiastic workers with the company’s success in the forefront tempered with the attitude that what happens to Stolle happens to us, but we understand that we have a legitimate claim to that success of the company and seek a fair response from management and the powers that be towards our contract requests.

Working together we can provide the skills, quality and production necessary to maintain Stolle Machinery’s success in the manufacturing arena.

In short “Keep Up The Good Work”