Unemployed Membership during Layoffs

As layoffs have become somewhat commonplace due to the circumstances of the world we’re living in. There are measures in place to help our Brothers and Sisters affected. Thankfully due to our Constitution in Article G, Section 3. When a member is laid off they have two months to claim unemployment stamps from their Local Lodge. If this is not done then there will be a lapse of membership.  It has also been decided that the $1 charge, that is transmitted by our Lodge in pursuit of Article G, Section 2, shall be waived. This is also an election year within our Union. If members have been routinely paying dues from April 1st through September 31st, they will maintain the right to vote through November. For more clarification the original Memo by our President Robert Martinez will be attached below. 


CARES Act Relief for Small Businesses

The world is changing at a pace that is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. That means that not only ourselves, but as well as our employers have to navigate an unsure future in a falling economy. Thankful the United States Treasury Department  and Small Business Administration have stepped in order to offer help, in the form of loans to small businesses in order to prevent layoffs. Our goal with sharing this information is the hope that our Representatives share this with their employers before speculations of layoffs  begin. Attached below is a Memo written by our President Robert Martinez with further information and sources. 

Postponed April Meeting

So that all may be aware. Meetings at our hall are to be postponed until further notice. This is of course done for the safety of all members. If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know right away and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We hope that all our members are taking the right precautions in these uncertain times. Hopefully you are all staying healthy and keeping others safe as well. 

How We Can Help Children in Uncertain Times

The United States of America is currently entering a time unfamiliar to most. With everyday beginning with a sense of discomfort at what the day will bring and what tomorrow could look like. Those especially affected are the children within the Denver-Metro Area. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many school districts across Colorado have chosen to remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Due to those circumstances many children and their families that once relied on a free or reduced of cost lunch through the school are now left with an uncertainty of where their next meal may come from. Luckily our very own local organization in the form of Food for Thought, is dedicated to serving these children. 

On the following page is an in depth article explaining how you can help out in these children time of need. 

We have a new Communicator for IAM Local 47

We apologize for the lack of web maintenance and updates. We have transitioned to a new Communicator who is Diego Ramirez and he will be responsible for the website and communicator duties for Local Lodge 47. This action is effective immediately. Diego is enthusiastic, dedicated and a young member of Local 47, we are glad to have him aboard and trust he will fulfill the duties of communicator well. Join us in congratulating Diego in his new position.