IAM Educator Training

Guide for Young Members Getting Involved
Changing the Individual Grievance to Group
Navigating Family Leave Laws
Picket Line Lessons
What to Expect after Janus “Right to Work”
Dealing with Romance in The Workplace
Invest in Good Green Union Jobs
Solidarity in Scary Times
Stamp Out Germs In the Workplace
Steward Member Confidentiality
Turning Negatives into Positives
Strategic Grievance Handling
Managing Your Time
New Ways to Welcome New Workers
Rallying The Troops With Fun
Fighting Steward Stress
Whats Wrong With The Way I Look
Settling Conflicts Between Members
Stewards and Technology
The Art of Note Taking
The Importance of Reporting Back
15 Things Every Steward Should Remember
A Stewards New Years Resolutions
Stewards as Speakers
Dealing With Difficult Bosses
Respected Steward
CSI Grievance Scene Investigation
Communicating With Members
Controlling the Loose Cannon
The Steward Supervisor Relationship
Watch Out for Outsourcing
Welcoming New Members
Tell A Winning Story
Careful With That Time Card
Horseplay on the Job
Off Duty Conduct Disciplines
Handling Disciplines Involving Profanity
Take Control of Your Time
The Moves of a Great Steward
Dealing With Shift Work Issues
New Ideas for a New Year
Being a Steward in Tough Times
Representing Difficult Members
A New Look at Stewards and Communications
Helping Members Help Themselves
The Hazards of Doing Nothing
Defending Against  Take-away’s
Stewards Records A Key to Success
Young + Old = Power
Big Brother and Grievances
Combating Disability Discrimination
Setting and Reaching Goals
Handling Disciplines for Poor Performance
Leaving a Paper Trail
Drawing a Line in the Sand
Breathing Easier
Signing Up Non-members
Dealing With Involuntary Job Transfers
Basic Workplace Safety and Health Rights
Time Management for Stewards
Theft on the Job
Leveraging VS Lawyering
The Power of Questions
Gathering and Weighing Information
Stewards Guard the Home Front
Honesty – Yes its the Best Policy
Stewards and Smoking Issues
Fights in the Workplace
Answers to some of a New Stewards What If Questions
Gambling on the Job
Movies that Motivate
The Charge Stealing Time
The Power of Good Note Taking
Conflicts Over Workplace Parking
Stewards and News Reporters
Defending Dues
A Stewards New Years Resolutions
Conflicts Over Personal Appearance
Dealing With Workplace Rumors
Chronic Pain an Invisible Disability
Procrastination – Ill Get To It Eventually
Is There an APP for That
Learning about Labor
Member Apathy? No Look Closer
Navigating Family Leave Laws
How to Ran an Effective Meeting
The Importance of Reporting Back
Productive Political Discussions
The Problem of Free Work
Keeping Members United