Election 2020

Local 47 would like to remind our membership that Tuesday November 3rd, 2020 is this years Election Day. Just as our own contracts, voting in Local, State, and Federal is the best way to voice your opinions and to have them be used for change. The International endorses Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Kamala Harris, and Governor John Hickenlooper for the election this year. Their labor policies align them to strengthen our unions and our abilities to bargain with our companies. We respect the views and beliefs of our membership and realize that these candidates may not personally align with your views. This endorsement in no way is meant to shift your position. Make a plan and make your voice heard this year, these choices are bound to be crucial in our lives for years to come.


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Changes in our IAM Leadership

As time continues changes of leadership are something that can and will occur. With that being said Mark Ward, our former Grand Lodge Representative has resigned from his position. In his place will be assigned James Watson as Local Lodge 47’s Grand Lodge Representative. In this position he will manage our representational responsibilities, grievance handling, contract administration, and organizing efforts. For any further question or concerns refer to the PDF attached below, where GLR James Watson’s contact information can be found. He looks forward to helping our membership and representing us at the Grand Lodge.