Local 47 Facebook Page

Hello everyone that keeps up with the postings on this website. In order to better reach the membership that may or may not be aware of this website I ask for you to please follow our Facebook page and share the messages that are on this website. Hopefully this will allow for more of our membership to get our messages. 


A Labor Day Message

Labor Day is an important date for most Americans to take a day between the final weeks of summer and an incoming fall. Most get the oppurtunity to sit back and relax, though as some of us could be feeling this years relaxation may be a bit more difficult than years before. With an ongoing pandemic, protest against racial injustice, and an election year. A feeling of insecurity is something that has come in waves throughout the year for many of us. 

With all of those feelings and news that seems to be constantly on. We can’t allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the stress of this year and remember how and why we got Labor Day to begin with. It was through the hard work of people much like us to push for safer working conditions, a 40 hour work week, and ending the practice of child labor in the United States. Through all that hard work we were finally able to get all those things we fought for plus full benefits, payed days off, and fair wages. That we can sometimes take for granteed. 

This Local is dedicated to making sure that our membership is always fought for and heard. Our fight wasn’t over then and it’s a long way from being over tomorrow. There is an impending leadership election in Local 47 and contract negotiations in the following year. It is important for us to never forget that we have always been stronger together. 

We hope you have all had a nice Labor Day.